ramadan lapbook

I was very fascinated with lapbooks, until the shams teachers at Burooj realized the amount of work (we have some 25 kids in our class!). Alhamdulillah, the outcome was too good for words! :)

Our lapbooks are concentrate on ingraining values. Burooj Weekend School focuses on the values/ethics the children take home. The age group in our class is 5-7 yrs.

For instance, first Sunday was introduction to Ramadan. They colored and decorated the cover page, and we discussed the "Ramadan is" book. The book mentions all key aspects of Ramadan. They did the earbud painting of the crescent and the star - as we discussed moon sighting.
We got them in the "Ramadan mode"

Here's the cover page:

"Ramadan is" - book, that contained the keywords they associate with Ramadan

Ear bud painting of a crescent and a star

Day 2 - seven days into Ramadan - we asked them to draw a "Day of fasting". Three boxes - for Suhoor, during the day and iftar. Most drew food for Suhoor and iftar. Some drew masjid and prayer mats. Subhan Allah, one was really cute and innocent - he drew himself sleeping in the "during the day" box! Oh, for iftar, we got to see dates and samosas too :)

inside... Day of fasting.

Day 3 - theme: Quran. They learnt a new song! "We are getting ready to read the Quran" And we made the bookmarks.

Songs they learnt: (taken from nazziepaterrov)

Day 4 - we discussed charity. And how poor people lived in house, made of "clothes". How they live on the road. Masha Allah, such sincerity in these kids. We talked about how fasting makes us Thank Allah for everything we have. When they were all excited about fasting - we helped them make door hangers - "Wake me up for Suhoor"

Day 5:
Last weekend of ramadan, we made pop-up Eid Cards,


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