Here I am!

Still under construction. I gotto import all my lists *links*, and all my other info.

And btw, the learning curve's pretty steep, so my tricks and tips would be very helpful :)


Faraz said...

Welcome to your new home!

Since you're starting from scratch, and since you don't have much content yet, I would recommend going to Wordpress. If I were to move, I would definitely take my irrelevant opinions to Wordpress myself.

All the link management and stuff can be done through the management screen; with blogspot, you'll need to actually fiddle with the template code to put your links in. If that sort of thing frightens you, Wordpress is the way to go.. plus it supports Categories! That's the one feature I really miss in Blogger.


H said...

Hey Faraz,

Jazak Allah for suggestion. I think I'd like to explore the blogger world before moving on to WordPress, Insha Allah

Faraz said...


You're in luck! Since you're still somewhat new with Blogger, you won't need to transition much if you wanted to go with the new and improved Blogger Beta. It's a lot easier to put together your links lists and whatever else you want, and customizing the colours and fonts becomes trivial.

I would switch myself, except they haven't opened it up to convert old Blogger sites yet. But if you're not afraid to start from scratch (since it's still newish), you can take advantage of all the new and exciting features. I've been playing with them myself on a test blog.


Din said...

Me likes blogspot better than MSN spaces.

Inshah allah I will add your blog to my blogroll ...