Blogger tricks...

the title says it all:

I haven't tried any myself yet. The one feature I'm still searching for is...when you a new comment, the comment link can change to "Yay, I have ONE comment"...Or any customized "Your opinion"..etc etc.. Anyone knows how that's done? Task accomplished!

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Faraz said...


You'll have to edit the template. If you look at the templates, you should find a line that says something like:

<a class="comment-link" href="<$BlogItemPermalinkURL$>#comments"< $BlogItemCommentCount$> Comments</a>

So the actual number is the BlogItemCommentCount; you just need to put your desired text around that.

I don't think you can change it to actually writing out the number ("two" instead of "2") without using convoluted Javascript.

Best of luck!