an amazing idea!

I was telling my friend KP, that i coudn't find the hijab she wanted. I really wanted to get it for her. It was probably just a casual sentence. She said, "get me one in blue". I wanted to get it for her, with a simple intention of brightening her day - or just that minute :) - but knowing her craze for hijab, it would brighten the entire hour. lol.
Anywho, she said, "don't worry, i already have so many hijabs, i shudnt be getting anymore".. I'm sure this is a common dilemma for all hijabis. We have so many, and still want more...So we were discussing how at the same time, we didn't want to give them away. I said, we could probably start our business. Of renting hijab. She joined in "charge them for the evening"...We got very excited with the idea.
Imagine, you are going out for the evening, and have no hijab to match the dress. Voila! call "KP-HT Company", and tell us what color and what shade, and there you have one for the evening. So Cheap and convenient - at the same time - dress well in the shade of modesty!

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