Free your Soul....

Stop. Take a minute out of your hectic, fast-paced life. Put down your pursuits, discard your desires and listen. Not to me, but to yourself.

Close your eyes and focus. Hear the sound of your breathing. Distance yourself from the world around you, turn your thoughts inward. Into the space you occupy on this planet. Just you, nothing else.

You no longer have cars, houses, clothes, possessions. None of the physical accroutements that clutter your mind and tempt your heart. Dig through the external layer of your existence, shed the clothes that hide you from your true self.

Shatter the as yet unbroken glass of your ego. Delve through the crusty, hardened shell of your pride, the rough exterior that powers you through your existence.

Continue your excavation, deeper and deeper into yourself. Through the sleek, shiny veneer of cynicism, the smug, all-knowing intellect for whom life's grandeur holds no mystery. Crush that self-satisfied sardonic curse that twists all beauty, that denies the very existence of your soul.

Approach the heart gently, for this is the hardest. Pierce through the pulsating emotions of your wants and needs, tear a gaping hole through your very life force.

Tenderly allow your soul, the core of your being, to exit from the hole in your heart. Free it from its constraints, from the many layers built up over the years, that hide and bury it in the sands of your daily routine dullery.

See, feel, taste, smell, hear that soul as it breaks free. Allow it to roam, follow it as it discovers the world it was meant for. Harness its strength as it begins to recognize sister souls around it. It connects with the souls embodied in man, it uplifts the souls in every animal, vegetable and mineral.

Your unshackled self, finally unfettered by your selfish, personal wants, can now merge with the divine sparks in existence and is at one with the world.

Originally written by The Rabbi's Kid

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