characters in the (me), kd, and lm.

Background: everyone in my team thinks that work (the stress at work mainly) has turned the rest of them (except me) into evil brats. I'm still to be affected by the epedemic. I'm expected to be the nice one all the time

lm: (to kd) go away
kd: lm, you know how much ht looks up to you. you are her ideal, so behave..

10 minutes later...
kd: ht, i was thinking....
[ht cuts her off]
ht: (sarcastically, with a evil grin) oh were you?

kd, lm - both - with their jaws dropped - stand there looking at me... out of words...

kd (to lm): see! lm, you are rubbing off on ht too!

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