Hafsa part 2

continued from - Odd-Wisdom

me: umm..why was the joomla joke so funny
me: when joomla is actually somethng that exists

Humairah: coz u said
Humairah: "but who's Joomla? "
instead of.. what

Humairah: i mean, Joomla can't be a name!
me: first, i totally thought u made it up =$

me: and then i kept thinking jumla ismiyya!
Humairah: ohhhh
me: hahhaa...
Humairah: Joomla is pronounced as joooomla
ok, that just makes it twice as funny
i shud edit the post
jumla ismiyya and php?
me: hhaha
yea :D

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Humairah Irfan said...

hahahahahaha.... hilarious!