me: what do you think about people who have the same first name and same last name?
like hussain hussain and "Yusuf Yusuf"
rhn: i think the father loved his name soo much that he named his son the same too
me: lols

rhn: yaa
imagine Hafsa Hafsa
me: hahaa
i feel like telling them...i heard you the first time


AKA said...

LOL! I've noticed a lot of people who have names like this and wonder at all the confusion it causes when people ask their name. On the other hand it does make it easier when trying to spell out your full name for people who might not be familiar with it!

sheepoo said...

What about sheepoo sheepoo :-)

Hafsa said...

haha, aka. That's funny. So there is a positive side to it.

Customer Service (CS): Sir, may I have your first and last name?

ABC ABC: Yes, it's ABC

CS: And your last name?


CS: Yes sir, i got your first name, and now i'm asking you your last name.

ABC: yes, it is ABC