Roohi's looking for strangers that read her blog...and now I'm curious too. Leave a message - even if its under the cover of anonymous!


AKA said...

Love that Roohi...our families go wayyyy back!

I posted my list of 10 finally! Thanks for the tag :)

Roohi said...

Hi Hafsa!

Not only did you leave me a mssg on my blog but now I'm mentioned in yours...I feel special.

Ok I'll stop being such a loser.

You were the only one who left me a mssg - the only brave one. Except for the hydro blog person. So I'm still not sure whether other strangers read my blog or not. Maybe I scared them and they don't want to leave a mssg.

Oh well :)

BanikaB said...

Am I considered a stranger?

Well we don't know each other, but I did visit.

Hafsa said...

You are welcome, "deeja" :)

hahahaa, Roohi - I did feel a lil' stupid when commenting on your blog :S
Btw, you should get a counter. So you'll know who's visiting your blog

Anika, you are in my friends circle.

Faraz Ahmed said...

Add me too :-)

Hafsa said...

Faraz, you are no stranger :)