the browns-ness in us

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Us brown lot are weird people. We're not like the rest of them. Come, take a look at the differences between us and them ...

1. If one of them says yes, he means yes, as in, yes. If a brown guy says yes, he means yes as in no. Or yes as in, "maybe if I feel like it I will think about it and then say no". Or if you're lucky, yes as in, "man I am so totally gonna do it, you just watch it'll be done before you know it ...
actually, forget it".

2. To those guys, 5 o'clock means 5:00. Maybe 5:02, rarely 5:05, never 5:10. To us, 5 o'clock means 6 o'clock. Maybe 6:30. Sometimes it means "I'll leave my place at 6 and lets see when I get there", usually its a case of "I was here at 5 and then I went to look for you and when you showed up I wasn't here so you went to look for me, and while we were looking for each other the 3rd guy showed up and saw nobody was here so he left." In any case, when people say 5 o'clock, don't hold your breath. You call them at 6 "yeah I'm on my way"; you call them at 7 "I'll be there in a minute"; you call them at 8 "yup I'm at your front door"; you call them at 9 and you get a busy signal; finally they'll show up by 10 and you think oh well, lets have dinner instead of lunch. And then they say, "man, I'm not feeling too hungry, I just ate." Then you take an axe and chop them in half.

3. If one of them is wet, either he got caught in the rain, or maybe he just came from the gym. If a brown guy is wet, he must also have just come from the gym ... alrite, who am I kidding, everybody knows the man's going to pray.

4. If you see one of them going to the washroom, you patiently wait outside for 2 minutes and he comes out. You see a brown dude go to the washroom, pack your bags and go back to Toronto coz that dude aint coming out in your lifetime.

5. If you find a brown guy in engineering, it is quite likely his parents forced him to go there. If you find a white guy in engineering, call the CBC and report your discovery immediately.

6. If their cell phone rings, its their friends. If your cell phone rings, its your mum. Or your dad. It also means its time to go home. [lol. ]

7. White guys line up for Bomber . Brown guys line up for Fed Bus .

8. It follows that if one of them is sleeping in class, he was at Bomber the nite before and didn't get home till 4am. Excusable. You see a brown guy sleeping in class, its because he had too many kebabs for breakfast and ofcourse, between digesting beef and digesting calculus, your body can only handle one thing at a time.

9. You see one of them messed up a midterm, most likely he got stuck with a bad prof or a really hard course. You see a brown guy messed up, its because his friend who took the course last term lost all his notes, can't find his old midterm, and doesn't resemble our buddy enough to write his midterm for him.

10. And finally, you all knew this was coming, you see one of them guys trying to impress a girl because they hope maybe she'll give him her number and they can go out sometime. You see a brown guy asking for her number so he can get someone to call her house while she's not home and get her father to call his Dad and arbitrarily order her to marry him and then she has no choice but to marry him and she thinks "I should have listened to my parents and not given out my phone number to strangers". So much for being a rebel.

Yes, its complicated; but my friend this is how stuff works around here.

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faraz said...

lol....this is hilarious!
The last one is too funny. And not all us brown guys are forced into engineering.....well, most but not all ;-)