Travel time

CNN discusses "Why some don't like to take vacations"


The reasons vary, from having too few vacation days available to lacking money for travel. But in some cases, it seems, many people just aren't getting into the habit of getting away.

A recent study by Orbitz, the online travel company, found a drop in the number of people taking three-week or two-week vacations and an increase in those taking a week or less. One-third of respondents said they took five or fewer days of vacation in the past year


As Muslims, we are asked to travel, and see for ourselves, the blessings of Allah - Reflect upon them, as they are signs of Allah's existence and His favors upon us. We are also asked to learn from history - by looking at what remained of people who lived before us. It should remind us that life is a journey, not a destination. That the wrong doers are indeed punished. That the Truth wins. The have-not's should not just remind us to thank the Almighty for blessing us, but also reiterate the importance of charity.

Now that we are ready to go on a vacation...don't know where to go on vacation? Consider The Ozzies - top seven wonders of the world. The author has traveled to a number of countries in the last couple of years. So he has an authority on the subject

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