Coming up..

Couple of new "personal projects" i'm looking forward to:

1. My Fitness class - starts this week
2. getting a bike.
3. Helping out with
4. More Programming - Java, Php, even learn a bit of Drupal(?)
5. new Arabic blog
6. Ramadan's coming up - start preparation

7. CPR training?
8. Studying Ajrumiyyah?
9. Help restructure
10. study for CCNA [low priority :( ]
11. theex @ CNE!!!! [can't wait for this one :D]
12. Help out?, attend MuslimFest
13. teach arabic?
14. jeeeee won (HI, i haven't forgotten)

And somehow between all these, read the books I have ..and resist buying new ones :)

? - doubtful; kinda up in the air right now.


Humairah Irfan said...

ooooooooooooh... I'm excited! :D

Hafsa said...

yeah, you better be. 'cuz you have to motivate me thro it all :)

Humairah Irfan said...

Don't you worry, I've got more than enough excitement for the two of us! :D