Dua/ Prayer

Since kindergarten, all the way to Grade 8, we sang the song Lap pe atee hai @ the morning Assembly in school. And now I've started to understand the true meaning behind the mask of difficult Urdu words (or is it Farsi? lol).

I remember once wondering about the lines "Door duniya ka mere dam se andhera hojai".. so to me, with my limited Urdu vocab, it meant, (word by word) "far into the world, through me, let there be darkness". Obviously that didn't make sense. And it was a little later that I realized that "door" was the VERB, not the adverb! The correct meaning was "May the world's darkness disappear through the life of mine"

Edit: I forgot to add "It's written by Allama Iqbal"

Here's the peom:

Lap pe aati hai dua ban ke tamanna meri
Zindgi shama ki surat ho Khudaya meri

My longing comes to my lips as supplication of mine O God!
May like the candle be the life of mine!

Door duniya ka mere dam se andhera hojai
Har jagah mere chamakne se ujala hojai

May the world's darkness disappear through the life of mine!
May every place light up with the sparkling light of mine!

Ho mere dum se yohe mere watan ki zeenat
Jistara phool se hoti hai chaman ki zeenat

May my homeland through me attain elegance
As the garden through flowers attains elegance

Zindagi ho mere parwaane ki soorat ya rab
Ilm ki shama se ho mujko mohabat ya rab

May my life like that of the moth be, O Lord!
May I love the lamp of knowledge, O Lord!

Ho mera kaam gharebon ki himayat karna
Dardmandon se Zaeefon se muhabbat karana

May supportive of the poor my life's way be
May loving the old, the suffering my way be

Mere Allah buraee se bachana mujhko
Naik jo rah ho us rah pe chalana mujhko

O God! Protect me from the evil ways
Show me the path leading to the good ways



Din said...

I always find it fascinating how we never realize the importance of the things we were being taught when young till we grow up and we observe the impact of those things in our lives.

Humairah Irfan said...

Yes Hafsa, it's Urdu.
And just to give this dua it's due credit, it was written by Allama Iqbal (which is why it's so popular.
A friend gave me this link: http://www.allamaiqbal.com (click on The Poet-Philosopher; click on Poetic Works; pick Urdu or Persian; pick book; click Translation)
You might find others you like :)

Humairah Irfan said...

Hafsa, it's kindergarten ;) hehe

I imagined a kinder garden though...... trees and trees of kinder chocolates... mmmm!

Hafsa said...

din bhai,
i think it's about how we mature as we grow older.

sr irfan,
Urdu's farsi to me (or more like Urdu's greek to me .. lol)
and yeah, kinder garden does sound better :)
(p.s convey my salam to brother irfan :D)