Man's Best Friend: Books

Ibn al-Jawzi (rahmatullahi 'alayhi) once said:

"If I were to describe my state, then I am never content with reading books, and when I see a book that I had not seen before, it is as if I have found a treasure. … And if I said that I read 20,000 books, then in truth it would be more, and I was then still a student.

I benefited from reading those books by observing the lives of the early people and the extent of their memorization, their determination, their worship, the diversity of their disciplines, of which one would not know had one not read those books. Thus I disliked the current state of people and looked down on the weak determination of students nowadays. And to Allah is all praise."

("The Value of Time" by Shaykh Abdul Fattah Abu Ghuddah)

From At-Talib

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