Meaning of your name

When you hear a new/ interesting name, a common question is "what does it mean". I came across an "unusual" name, and tried imagining how the conversation would go.

The unusual name is Unsur (a friend of a friend)

Me: Hi, What's your name?
Unsur: Unsur
Me: What does it mean?
Unsur: it's actually the true amr of na-sa-ra, conjugation 1 (i.e. second person, singular), meaning HELP!

Humairah reminded me that I'm assuming Unsur's mufti's student

Here's another funny one - name's Asif this time.

Me: Hi, what's your name?
Asif: Asif
Me: what does it mean?
Asif: Sorry(?)
Me: What does your name mean?
Asif: Sorry
Me: That's okay. I was just curious what your name meant. It's an interesting name, you know..

For those who are still lost, Asif means SORRY!

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