MF and HB series - Part 3

Edit The post below is written by MF herself. Jazaks MF.

so Fifi was in the hospital, and was refusing to eat anything. Her sister R
calls MF up...
"MF, I know it's late, can you please go to our apartment and
make something for Fifi? I'll tell you how to make it. It's very simple. Do you
know what Ful is?"
"oh yea, the ad 'ful, mish ma ool' used to come on TV all
the time.. lol"
"Okay, so just open a can of that, mix it with tomatoes,
half a tsp of salt, and some vinegar and bring it to the hospital."
I'll be there in about 25 minutes inshallah."
MF puts the phone down... and
HB comes up and asks what happened "I have to goto Wiwit's place to make ful for
Fifi and take it to the hospital".
"Fool? Tell R baji, you don't need to go
to her place. The fool is in fact here! Tell her I'll send
her right away"


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the formatting is really bad here.. I was giving this link to R and Fifi

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