New Arabic blog

I'm considering starting an arabic blog. There are a lot out there, but this one would be different, Insha Allah. It'll be different, and include:

  1. Focus on Quran and Sunnah (Tarkeeb on verses of the quran, likewise hadiths.)
  2. Tips for students (not beginners, neither experts)
  3. Ask questions, and answer other's questions

Selfish reason to start sucha blog, is first reward [insha Allah], and second, to improve my arabic.

Confirmed contributors:

Hafsa (Yours Truly): Started off with Quran Learning Course (QLC) three ago. QLC opened the door to learning arabic. Been a student of shariah Program for a year now.

Humairah: Born and brought in Middle East, Humairah has an excellent command on every day vocab. Like Hafsa, Humairah too started off with QLC, and currently studying with shariah program. In addition, Humairah is a TA to the arabic course offered on SunniPath

Kahkashan: Yes, like Hafsa, and Humairah, Kahkashan too started off with QLC, and been studying under Mufti Yusuf Mullan of Shariah program for more than a year. Kahkashan also teaching the QLC course in Pickering.

Related links (You'll find links to these on the new blog)

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  3. Arabic gems
  4. Tarkeeb on hadith book

Couple of issues I need to clear, and figure out. Humairah suggested "each person can have a role... almost like a character... [have to] know where the blog is headed, and what you're expecting from the writers".

Suggestions? Comments?

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