Remember me....

I googled myself, and the results actually surprised me. I found an old poem I wrote, some 10 years or so ago.
The poem's kinda lame, and weird, but yeah - me's me. A friend once told me, we shouldn't be ashamed of our past. We should learn from it.

Here's the poem:

Remember me, no matter what,
Remember me, no matter where,
Always with a smile and cry not,
Which is more difficult than a dare.

Remember the good times we shared together
And the fun we had can never be forgotten
So push your frowns away, they are light as feather.

Remember me, when I’m gone
Far into the distant land
I’ll still be with you with the same song
I’ll be there to give you a hand.

When I’m dead and my bones are rotten
Say, my friend you are not forgotten.

Forget me and smile
Than remember me and be sad for a while.


StillLearning said...

Wow! Haffi you are a poet. And it is beautiful! Masha'Allah

Hafsa said...

ummm... :$

Jazak Allah :D

the inspiration is yet to come :-)