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So Faraz of Irrelevant Opinions started off this chain.. And I caught on it. It was fun-ner than I thought.

Most of the books on my bookshelf are recent - within the last 2-3 years. So I haven't read them all. And I'm grateful to my friends, and family for the books - a good percentage of them were gifts (birthday gifts, eid gifts, "I thought you'd like this book" gift, "i love this book, you gotto read it too" gift, "I've read this book, you can have it" gift.... and many more). Some of my favorite reads are missing from my collection because they were given away as "I've read this book/ you have to read" gifts.

Shariah books: The shelf below are hidayatun nahw (in Arabic), one of the best books you can find for Arabic Grammar. "Provisions of the Seeker" (English) is my personal favorite for Ahadith. It's one of the books that can give you a sense of peace, and enlightenment. You want to read that book over and over again, and oh, also memorize them. The fourth book from the right - the blue one - is the Arabic version of Provisions of the Seeker. "Quduri" is a hanafi fiqh book, quite detailed, and an easy read - also in Arabic

The Sealed Nectar needs no introduction. And the same goes for "Tell Me About..." Series. I haven't read either yet.

My IT collection: I skim through them only when I run into issues. They are more like "Go-To" guides. Except for Computer Security and Java - the former was an award from Seneca College, and the latter was a result of a draw for one of my Java courses. Haven't read them yet. (Java is on my to-do list)

This is by far my favorite shelf (below). Companions of the Prophet was the recent birthday gift, and I loved them. Way to the Quran and the urdu book (i forget the name) are by Khurram Murad. He's an exceptional writer. Two other works by the same author that are missing from my shelf are "dying and living for Allah" and "Early Hours".

The half a dozen colorful books are Qasas-un-Nabiyeen, written by Maulana Syed Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi. I love reading these books - been very helpful in learning Arabic vocabulary. I haven't read Path to Perfection and Wayfarers yet. Wayfarers was recommended by a blogger :) Received it just recently. (There, I bought it!). Quranic Sciences by Mufti Taqi Usmani is the best book in English on Uloom ul Quran, according to Sh Sohail Hanif of SunniPath. Simple Wisdom was recommended by Humairah, and I really liked it. Marin Lings is another favorite seerah book.

I have a small collection of fiction. Debated if I should include it - as I haven't read/watched most of these books/movies. Oh well, the fact that I still have it there - might reflect something about my personality. The titles are quite obvious, and last on the right is jokes by Mulla Nasiruddin

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Humairah Irfan said...

Aww man Hafsa... I've been waiting for Rehan to catalogue my books on LibraryThing... it's not complete yet, but has most of my books.
Let's see if I can convince him to do it sooner!

noora said...

salam alaikom, well im out of the country and not in any reach of my collection of books, BUT inshAllah will try to respond to your tag as soon as i am back home.

Thanks for including me in the tag :)

sheepoo said...

Hum...nice collection..can I suggest "Muhammad" by Karen Armstrong? It is a definite read for anyone who wants to learn about the Prophet (PBUH) from a different perspective

Just my 2 cents :-)

hema said...

seems like an interesting tag. i guess your bookshelf can say a lot about your personality.
i don't think i'd have the guts to show my bookshelf to the world though. it's a bit of a mess for one thing!

Hafsa said...

Humairah, i hope he does it before leaving :S
I have no clue which books you have...and I'd like to know that before my trip to Al-Ain ;)

Noora..No worries, I look forward to seeing it!

Sheepoo.. Jazak Allah. I haven't read that yet. I'll get it insha Allah

Hema.. Funny you say that - a couple of hours after I posted this, I considered taking it down. I felt like my life had become an open book. Haha. I talked myself into leaving it as-is. Now, I wonder what my readers think of me- before and after this post. I wonder if their impressions about me have changed? If yes, for good or bad. I guess I'll never know :)

Din said...


Me cant do it.for personal reasons..:-)


Humairah Irfan said...

I know why Hammad can't do it..
Ahem! ;)

Faraz said...

Was that a book on Canadian Fiqh that I saw here, fifth book from the right? Interesting!

Humairah Irfan said...

lol.. Hafsa, you wanna tell him the story of that book? :D

Hafsa said...

Faraz : Funny story. Yes, it's this one here - Canadian Fiqh. Let's just say the author pressured me into buying the book, and also voluntarily autographed it for me :)

Sketched Soul said...

As-salaamu'alaykum wa Rahmatu Llahi wa Barakatuhu my dearest Hafsa,

Ooohh..just wonderful, wonderful books! I love books..although my 'collection' doesn't reflect that. (Some day, maybe..insha'Allah)

You mentioned some I haven't read or own.. insha'Allah I shall check them out. Jazak'Allah, much appreciated.

Do you really keep all your books so organized?? Mine are everywhere.. we have fiqh books with recipe books and inbetween a kids book, etc., etc... but I tend to like it that way.

Hafsa said...

walaykum salam rahmatullahi wa barkatuhu, farhana!

Jazak Allah, it's a small collection.

my bookshelf's new, so let's how long I can keep it organized.

I'm looking forward to see yours!!

Mehar said...

Maashaallah!! Hafsa, you, your book shelf jus inspiring to me :) Alhamdulillah!! I too have a book collection and big book shelf, I do share with friends and for Dawah, islah too alhamdulillah.. Infact small shelf running out of space... LOve you bookshelf.. jazakallahu khair for sharing the link with me :) Hugs for u!