Odd Wisdom [no pun intended]

Always remember that the situation you are in IS the best one for you. Had you been in any other situation, you wouldn't be happy.

lesson: the sooner you accept reality, the better... Makes no sense whining about it. Allah knows whats best for you

happiness doesn't depend on where you are - you can be in a third world, developing country and still be happy. Happiness is about finding the inner peace.

lesson: learn to be content.

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Tariq said...

Now, if only we could all truly internalize that...

happiness is not found in stuff or people or places.

Humairah Irfan said...

That IS rather odd!
The women gypsies (for lack of better word..)in Karachi and work in people's homes, my aunt was telling me, live in tents. Every time there's heavy rain or flood, their "houses" get washed away. They then stop working, and go around to their employers asking for old sheets, chadors, anything that they can string together to make their tents again, so that they have a place to live and they can start working again...
Aunty said, "but whenever they come, they're always happy"

Hafsa said...

Tariq, you are right. Unfortunately, too often we associate happiness with people.

Humairah, very interesting. My observation is - the poorer you are, the happier you'll be. And vice-versa.