Seven Wonders

The word "wonder" can have several meanings - a place can be wonderful in spiritual sense, and another can be wonderful in an "ajeeb - strange/ amazing" sense.

Ozair was kind enough to share his list.


Petrona Twin Towers - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The CN tower - Toronto, Canada

The Opera house - Sydney, Australia

Eiffel tower - Paris, France

Great wall of China - Beijing, China

The Prophets mosque - Medina, Saudi Arabia

The Kabah - Mecca, Saudi Arabia


Sr. Shaykhspeara has her list too.. These are more "ajeeb" wonders


1. The rickshaws in Pakistan

2. The taxi cars of Cairo

3. The donkeys of Petra

4. PIA (Pakistan International Airlines)

5. The Pakistani People

6. Microsoft Word

7. she left this to the readers. And Stapler seems to be have won..


Any others? Leave a comment!


Ozair said...

Thanks for sharing my list ... thats "wonder"-ful ... sorry for the pun :) I like the ajeeb wonders ... people at work after visiting India talk about seeing cows on the street as the most "ajeeb-est" thing ... I would call it authentic.

Hafsa said...

you are welcome :)

lol @ "wonder"-ful! hahahaa..

authentic?! ^o) ...just like learning arabic while shivering in the cold is traditional ;)