Today through Humairah's eyes

yes, it happened really fast. Here's how the events took place today:
Legend: V- is our friend, and her mom's "VM"

11:57a (@ MFest) I called to check on V. She mentioned they were in emergency since 6am. VM was unconscious. I told her I'll call her back in a bit. (I said to myself: got to call S to see if she can go see V, since S lives downtown. V was all alone in the hospital). VM had been in emergency last week too, and then was moved home within 3 days.

1:00p Ammi called, and asked me about V. And that's when I remembered. I had to call S. Tried S's numbers - home, cell, work. There was no answer. [This is during Mfest - when I'm running around getting things done]

1:05: Photography Workshop started. Still trying to reach S.

1:15: While in the workshop, I decided to get Humairah on the search project. I called her, and asked her to get in touch with S.

1:35-ish: Call from the hospital. Informing me that VM's passed away. I panicked, and couldn't think clearly

1:40: Not knowing what to do, I called Humairah - she is one support that I can always lean on (Alhamdulillah for friends like that). Speaking to her helped relax a bit - I told her I'm going to the hospital, but someone had to get there immediately. We divided the list of friends we could call.

2:00 I'm on my way to the hospital from 'Sauga to Downtown. No luck with finding friends to go.

2:10: I spoke to V, and told her I'm on my way.

2:45: Checked with Humairah every 10 minutes or so. Exchanging updates as we tried to get help from different resources. Humairah was also checking with the hospital on their policies, trying to get in touch a chaplain, emailing other friends about the news, seeking advice from her mom, and arranging for a car (if need be). Humairah reminded all friends that we should, not just, be there for her now, and also checking up on her as time passes.

3:30: I reached downtown. Found out Zarah was on her way already, and would be able to join me in 20 minutes. So while waiting, I picked up flowers and a card.

4:00 Zarah and I reached the hospital. We saw V - gave her our condolences, and discussed her next steps.

5:00 Kahkashan got to the hospital. And we took V for dinner - she hadn't had anything all day. We had dinner - talked about "what's next", life being so short, that we can only do our best, and then put our faith in God. Zarah reminded us that we all have to return one day.

V had taken care of her mother like a Muslim should. A slightest moan from her mom, V would be in front of her - checking on her. In the last couple of weeks, her mom left hand and leg were numb, and she wasn't able to move it on her own. V would adjust her in the bed, asking her if she was comfortable. Cleaned her, dressed her, read to her, and was there for her all day, all night. She had taken days off from work, and slept @ the hospital a number of times. At times, she just dozed off in her chair. I would ask her if she ate, and she would reply, I forgot. I don't know if I've met anyone as selfless as her.

6: We dropped V home.

By the time I reached home, the hours I spent at Mfest seemed like years ago.


Humairah Irfan said...

Then which of thy Lord's favours can you deny? We were able to do everything we could because we're so blessed in our lives with what we have...

Hafsa said...

true that!

Jazak Allah for the reminder.