Imam Abu Hanifa

[At some point, I had consider starting a Imam Abu Hanifa series. Figured being a hanafi, I should try and learn more about him and his life. Hoping @ end, I'd be motivated towards seeking knowledge. When these thoughts were running through my head, I had also attended a two day session with Sh Faraz Rabbani, and Imam Muhammad ibn Al Kawthari - about Imam Abu Hanifa.
I don't know if I'll have regular content in this category. We'll see.]

80 years after the Hijrah a young man was born in Kufa. Following his daily routine, he was walking to the market in Kufa to engage in his business. On the way he met Shaykh As-Sha’bi who asked this young man ‘who do you go to?’. He said “I go to the market”. Shaykh As-Sha’bi explained himself and said “Who do you study with?” The young man said “I don’t frequent the Ulema.” Shaykh As-Sha’bi said “I see signs of intelligence in you. You should sit in the company of learned men.”

Instead of going to the market that day, he turned direction and went to the circles of knowledge. With this one sentence, Shaykh As-Sha’bi became the turning point for someone that was to be known as Imam Abu Hanifa. It can be said had it not been for Shaykh As-Sha’bi, we would have never had Imam Abu Hanifa but would have had Abu Hanifa the trader
Taken from: spiritual encryptions

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