A new member - HOB

MF from my MF and HB series, has another brother - lets call him HOB - Her Other Brother. I personally don't know HOB too well, but I hear he's no less of a comedian than HB. Now, I'm thinking of renaming my series to "MF, HB and HOB series"

Scene: MF got a gift for HOB for Eid, and the conversation below is what followed. Relayed directly by MF:

he comes into my room

"Issy, you're soo silly!" [He calls me Issy, pronounced as Eeecy, short from Sissy, short from sister...]
"What happened HOB?"
"What the heck did you get me?"
"It's a board game!"
"You should have given me this game 10 years ago"
"Hahaha... we can play it now as well!"
"No. I'm going to keep this game for 10 years, and give it your kids and tell them this is what your mother gave me when I was 21!"

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