Reflections 14 - Masjid

"Sami' Allahu hameeda", echoed over the speaker... And I could almost hear a "Rabbana Lakal Hamad" - so I thought.

It's been 10 years since I've been for Hajj. Those who've been there know this: In the Holy Kaba'h, there are two imams - the first says "Sami' Allahu hameeda", and the other echoes "Rabbana Lakal Hamad". And the other day when I was offering isha at the neighbourhood masjid, I could recall that moment exactly - I even remember how the imam sounded. I closed my eyes, and imagined the Holy Kaba'h in front me. I pray I can go back again - soon, Insha Allah..

I was in my early teens, and don't recall much from my Hajj experiences. Some moments - like the salah - are very vivid, and others very vague. Those who have been there recently will remember the feeling - there's this sense of awe. It's just a blessed feeling, and Alhamdulillah, everyone's in such high spiritual states.

Next time I go, Insha Allah, I'll somehow save these moments - diary entries, videos, or even just audio recording. May Allah give us all a chance to visit His House at least once in our lifetimes. On that note, here's a nasheed by Irfan Makki I really like:

I'm thinking all the time when the day will come
Standing there before you accept this hajj of mine
Standing in the ihram making my tawaf drinking blessings from your well
The challenge of safa and marwa rekindles my imaan,
Oh Allah I am waiting for the call, praying for the day when I can be near to the kabah wall

Listen to it on LightUponLight

Another special moment in the taraweeh is the sight of Sujood. Every sujood - especially when the verse of Sajdah is recited.

Imagine: The Quran is being recited, and the verse commands the believers to prostrate - immediately everyone throws themselves in sujood with a sense of humility and abasing our ego. I pray we obey ALL of Allah's commands with the same spirit - with no second thoughts, with no questions asked - and of course, with a feeling of immense gratitude for our Creator, ameen

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This post brought back some pleasant memories :-)