Harry Potter

I know I haven't made any progress with my move. Meh. I'll get to it some day..

Anywho, i was checking out my friends of friends blogs and stumbled on this. Harry Potter

My first reaction? "Like who does that"...when i continued reading, I found a few interesting comments.. I'll quote a few here:

"Would he say that about just anyone? Most sites say that when Dumbledore said "snape.. please" in that moment of impending doom he was saying "please dont blow your cover. kill me" but what if it is as simple as it appeared and dumbledore was saying "please dont kill me. please fight the death eaters and save me." And if Snape killed him and that's what Dumbledore asked, for Snape to kill him."

..."A lot of people think that Harry is one of the Horcurxes that hold Voldemort's soul. This is very plausible as he does have a very visible scar on his forehead from Voldemort's attempted murder. "


mezba said...

Came from your msn page.

Harry Potter ... while they are excellent books and movies, I don't understand why the books have to be so huge. I am really keen to read the books but the size keeps putting me off. Just wait for the movie.

mezba said...

oh, the above is me, Mezba

H said...

You dono what you are missing until you read those book :)