First off, I'd like to apologize to my friends, who expected to find regular posts here. Things have kinda very busy lately and I've been a lil' lazy as well.

Anywho...moving on....My work wants me to get more training. It could be anything I'm interested in....and that's where i'm confused...

Right now, I'm considering a few options..
Certifications Exams for courses that I'm almost prepared for - CCNA, A+
Study for new certifications - CISSP
VoIP, and similar newer tech
New programming courses - Java, .NET, C++



Faraz Ahmed said...

Depends on your line of work. If you do lots of programming, then good to know C++ or Java.

If you're more into non programming IT, then it might be a good idea to go for newer tech like VOIP, etc.

What exactly is it that you do again?

H said...

umm, to be brief...let's say, non programming IT. After a conversation with a friend, I've added a few non technical courses - like project management, leadership, and time management

Ozair said...

XML and related technologies such as XSLT and XML schema are good things to know. Any software product being built today uses these technologies heavily.

It is non hardcore programming either, similar in difficulty to Web programming.

Faraz said...

There isn't much to know in XML or XSLT in itself... it's more of a buzzword until you start getting into real applications using Web Services and stuff.

Project Management is critical in the current marketplace; purely technical people are getting less and less useful. I've quickly transitioned to a project management role, and am only now realizing that I was not well prepared for the requirements of IT project management.