Empty That Inbox!

Is actually emptying your inbox before the end of each day a realistic
goal? Yes, says Kelly Forrister, who recommends a short checklist of questions
to help you quickly sort through your messages and tame an unruly inbox:

  • Can you safely delete the item? If the item doesn’t need to be read, saved,
    or require a response, then consider deleting it.
  • Can you do the action that the email requires be done in less than two
    minutes? If you can, try to do the action required immediately.
  • If you cannot do it, can you delegate it? Delegate can also mean handing it
    off sideways—consider whether a colleague could better handle it.
  • If you cannot take care of it immediately, can you defer it? Be aware,
    however, that “deferring” does not mean allowing the item to sink beneath your notice forever!



Anonymous said...

That strategy is from David Allen's book, Getting Things Done which I'm reading right now.

Hafsa said...

Interesting blog...
By the way, I also think Hafsa should be in the dictionary.
Hafsa has so many meanings that it should be recognized by the dictionary. LOL. I guess I am only saying that because my name is also Hafsa. LOL.