Dua - A weapon of the Believer

What you eat and drink must be halaal. The money that you earn must be halaal. Once Saad Ibn Abi Waqqas was asked - one of the famous companions - ashra mubashra bil jannah - He was asked, why is it that your dua are responded to, more than the other sahaba. So he responded, I do not raise a single luqma, a single morsel to my mouth except that I know where it came from, and what it came out of. The money and the animal I know - that that was pure and it [the sacrifice] was done pure. In other words, the money I spent to buy it was from halaal and the way it was slaughtered and sacrificed was halaal. Not a single morsel do I raise except that I'm certain that it is halaal. SO when Saad Ibn Abi Waqqas was asked why you dua are responded to, he said "this is why", that every single drop of water that I drink and morsel of food that I eat I know it's from the halaal. Like Allah says "Allah only accepts from the righteous"..

From Dua - A weapon of the Believer, by Yasir Qadi

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