Thoughts of Hajj and Eid

Alhamdulillah, this year, i can't wait for Hajj. I've been learning about Hajj for about a month now, and I'm waiting for the days the rituals. So I can almost imagine myself of what the hujjaj are going through. My friend, hrah's going. And I can't wait to hear her experience as well. First hand. When she returns, i hoping to listen to EVERY event, of the 20 days she'll be away.

In that spirit, here's a beautiful poem on Sacrifice: Sacrifice: Poem. Don't forget to share the joy of Eid with others. Toronto Muslims has some practical tips for us- Share Eid Al-Adha with Neighbours & Colleagues


Anonymous said...

Hafsa.. you're such a sweetheart!
i was thinking of recording my experiences on my mp3 player.. since I often talk to!
I'm debating if I should take my PDA or not... I dont really want to come back with pages of notes to type... or mebbe I can just give it to my sister to do it.. muhahah...
please make dua!

Anonymous said...

May Allah enable you to perform Hajj next year inshallah.

H_T said...


humairah, I will make dua. And yea, try and record the events, but make sure it doesnt distract you from worship. If it does, then forget the recording - it's not important at all.