around 6:00 work -Phone rings...

Me: H speaking

M: Hey H, it's Mark

(i'm thinking: mark from team xyz, he probably calling about the report i asked for)

M: I'm looking at these folders, and when I check the access, there's ID here

Me: (thinking umm..who asked to check those folders and the ID's? I just need a report of the folders) okkkk.....

M: What do want me to do?

Me: (thinking: why is it so hard? - just give the report. *almost* annoyed - then, a thought struck me!!) this Mark?

M: ummm. yeah

Me: (I was thinking it was Mark from XYZ and it turned out to be Mark from ABC)
So much for "unique" names :
(embarassed and outta words...) Yes, that ID, we need another FTP ID created.


Anonymous said...

lol Hafsa... I sympathise, it must be so difficult coz u most know @ least 10 marks! :P

H said...

phew! finally someone who feels for me!