A year gone...

Inspired by Mezba's post, I decided to write my own. But to keep it in hsa's style, I'll start from December

December was the RIS month. For the first time, I attended (volunteered for the last four). It was a different experience - to say the least. December was also awaited for another reason - Hajj.

SunniPath's Hajj course in November was very enlightening. And with one of my best friends, hrah, going for Hajj, we talked about it for days, weeks and almost a month! I also wrote a long dua for her to make when she was on Arafah! I honestly can't wait to go for Hajj. End of November, I was also looking for TD employees ;) .. [for those concerned, I've stopped my search for now - contact me for more details]. November also saw the crazy me!

October, I spent planning a surprise for hrah. That was fun. The plan was to invite her best friends. But the challenge was - I didn't know most of them :( . Yup, with Rhan's snooping around, and thanks to evite, we managed to get some 20 sisters together!!!! October also witnessed an unfortunate news. Yes, the renaming. I thought it was sad. (for those who didn't know, I was born in Bangalore)

And there was Ramadan and Eid. Ramadan did bring along some changes in me, Alhamdulillah (at least for a short while after). I ended up working on Eid :(

Highlight September was the Muslim Professionals Networking Dinner - Downtown. Met some nicest people there. September was also the month of "when's YOUR Ramadan starting" : (

In August, my dad's latest book was published. You can read about it on his blog.

July was the BlackBerry month (for me). Surfed every website out there, and researched and tried everything that exists. July also saw a new blog - MY blog!

Beginning of July, there was another surprise- for Kshan this time. Funniest was when she called me during the day, and expected me to wish her on her birthday. But I didn't, and she was disappointed. Until later in the night!!!

In june, my cousin got engaged. May saw my new phone. My two month research actually paid off. I love my phone! April was my photography month. ZA and I took pictures every day! Laser tag fun was the highlight of march. February I started Shariah Program Weekend Classes. And January saw my return to CIBC!


M&M said...

exciting year for u! good luck for the future inshallah

Anonymous said...

I never knew Bangalore's name changed... India's always doing changing the names of its cities!