Answer to How

How: MB and I have mutual friends, but we had never met. We had seen each others' pictures though. Fast forward a year in the future. I was organizing a conference. Being an organizer, I felt I was the face of the conference. So I smiled, said salam to everyone.

2 days later...

...MB and I were talking online, and she says to me, "so we finally met." I had no clue what she was talking about..

S'possedly, she came up to me, and said salam, and I had replied and smiled @ her. I probably thought she was one of 10K attendees! This is how MB met me, but I didn't meet her



BanikaB said...

Oh! I thought I was never gonna find out what happened.

That happened to me once, only I was at the masjid and someone's mom saw me. Apparently I smiled at her on numerous occasions and made her feel special (like I know exactly who she was). A few weeks later my mom got a "call" from that someone's mom. I'm now very careful with my smiles at the masjid.

Hafsa said...

Anika: Haha. Nah, I'd never leave you hanging like that.

That's jokes!! My friend, Hammad has a funny post on Auntie Network. I'm sure you can relate to it!

p.s: Roohi's still in Hyderabad? When's she back?