AG: You've met MB, right?
Me: umm, She met me, but I didn't meet her.
AG: huh?

What do you think happened there? Is that even possible?

Edit: Answer


sheepoo said...

My apologies but I cannot make any head or tail of it :-(


BanikaB said...

Maybe someone said MB meet so-and-so....Then trailed off, but didn't complete the other half of the intro? (eg. So-and-so meet MB)

Hafsa said...

WOW, anika, that's an excellent attempt. But I'm sorry, that's not what happened. :D

Faraz Ahmed said...

Perhaps MB remembers meeting AG but AG doesn't. This way MB knows AG but AG is oblivious to MB's existence.

Does that even make sense? :-)

Hafsa said...

sheepoo , hm. guesses work :)

Faraz, You got the names wrong. But yeah, i know what you mean- interesting though. Just like Anika's - it's realistic, and fits my situation too... But unfortunately, it wasn't the case with MB and I

I'll leave it open until Monday for more guesses..

Ibn Uthman said...

Yes, it wasn't the case with MB and I. "AG", "MB", "I", and "Me" all stand for the identities of four separate people. So, while MB met Me, I (the identity of another person, and not the 1st person personal pronoun) didn't meet MB.

Hafsa said...

ibn Uthman, you sound like a student of Arabic language :). No, sorry, there's no trick.