How to increase memory

SunniPath on Skills for Success as a Student

Memorizing and retaining knowledge is a skill. Like other skills, it takes practice to perfect. The following are some of the recommendations of scholars:
  1. Be industrious and committed
  2. Be patient, repeat what you are trying to memorize, and then review it regularly
  3. Try to memorize when you mind is clear of concerns
  4. Reduce your eating
  5. Increase night prayer
  6. Read Quran
  7. Send blessings on the Messenger of Allah (Allah bless him and give him peace)
  8. Use a siwak

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Also, Sadiq shared ways to strenghten one's memory. Some of the things that may help to combat forgetfulness are the following:

  1. Keeping away from sin
  2. Frequently remembering Allah
  3. Not eating too much
  4. certain foods which increase the memory
  5. cupping (hijaamah) of the head


Taken from Breathe Islam:

‘I complained to Imam Waqee’ of my weak memory; he advised me to abstain from sins; for, verily, knowledge is a nur from Allah; and this nur of Allah is not awarded to sinners.’
- Imam Shafi’ee


Radiant Light said...


ooh have you heard that nasheed, by Talib Al Habib, knowledge is Light!

Its about the quote you mentioned By Imam Shafaee (RH)

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