For our moms

Humairah of Odd-Wisdom wrote to me:

Subhanallah, we feel so helpless seeing our mothers suffer with pain because of some physical illness or the other. Sometimes the pain is so bad, the medicine doesn't work. I suggest, if you all are up for it, to wake up for tahajjud this Thursday and Friday, and make special duas for our mothers with utmost sincerity.
We really need it..

I call all bloggers to do the same - this Thursday and Friday - September 6th and 7th. Let's wake up one night for the numerous nights she was up for us. Also please pray for your aunts, grand mothers, and all moms in general

Tips: (from an experienced friend)
Go to bed early.
During Tahajjud: Dua's for parents
Reciting Quran
Offer Nawafil salah
make lots of astaghfars, and duroods

The night before, you can delay your witr @ the end of your Isha to after tahajjud, since Witr is supposed to be the last salah.
Eat light, and get a minimum of 5.5 hours of sleep.

Feel free to post the same on your blog - so you encourage others.

May Allah accept our sincere and not-so-sincere deeds, and forgive us for our shortcomings.

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Humairah Irfan said...

You were right about the passive part...