I was going through some blogs (friends of friends of friends), and came across something interesting. Taken from Reflections

"Urdu ki paidaish hui Lakhnau mein, usne jawani bitayi Hyderabad mein, aur burhi hui Bangalore mein"

(Rough Translation: Urdu was born in Lucknow, spent it's youth in Hyderabad and she is spending her old age at Bangalore).

[my friends who know my "expertise" in urdu, and know my background would understand the joke.]


Faraz said...

I'm originally from Lucknow (in that my parents are from there - I was born in Quebec), and am constantly berated by uncles and auntis for not living up to my Lucknowi heritage with my poor Urdu. :(

Hafsa said...

I get that too. When I went to India three years ago, I couldn't speak a word of urdu. This lasted for a week or so (not to mention, after a couple of weeks in India, I had a hard time speaking english, lol)

I've been making an effort to come back to urdu. I'm taking an online tafseer course in urdu, reading Khurram Murad's book, and of course, Mufti Taqi Usmani's lectures help.

But what's helping me most (and surprisingly) is learning arabic. Like the other day, I asked my mom what a certain word meant, and she was explaining it to me in context. And I'm like, "oh.. WE have something similar in arabic" . haha (left my mom speechless)