Tajweed Rules - Part 1

I wanted to share my tajweed notes, but there's already so much online. I've linked the tajweed resources on AL (Arabic Learners) blog. Rather than repeat what's out there - I'll post a summary of the rules.

The Original Madda - Madda Asli (also called حُروف مدّ)

In Arabic, there are 3 letters that match the three haraka signs which are generally termed the vowels of Arabic. These three letters are (اوي) and the their matching haraka signs are kasra ( ِ ), dammah ( ُ) and fat-ha ( َ ) respectively.

When these three letters (اوي) have a sukun and they are preceded by a letter that has their matching haraka sign, then the letter with the haraka is elongated to two harakas. In such instances, the three letters (اوي) are known as the Madda Letters

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