"You look like a Hafsa" ^o)

Ever heard that before?!!? That's what I got... I "look" like a Hafsa!.. A friend @ work also believes that we "look" like our name. here's the story about that..

@ work, we have the same UPS guy coming to pick up mails for the last 3-4 years. Very friendly. Every time he comes by, we talk to him about the weather, the weekend, new phones, blackberries, and everything you can think of. [Yes, the phones and blackberries would be my regular conversation.]

Last week, I realized something, ...guess what! ... I don't know his name! Yes, typical IT person, I suppose. So I asked around. My entire team knows him - so they must know his name, and they have been around longer than me.

I went up to R "R, what's his name?"
"Who? the UPS guy?"
R replied with a straight face, "UPS GUY!"
Disappointed, I said, "oh"

I said to myself, let me try someone else.
"K, what's the UPS guy's name"
K goes, "I don't know"

R, who overheard this conversation, came over, and said to us, "He looks like a Steve or a Tim"
K and I just stared at him - no words could express our reaction. We obviously had the "what are you talking about" look!

R gave up his idea of guessing names, "Okay okay, we could ask him"

I disagreed, and added, "Of course, we can't ask him. What are you gonna say - "umm, after 3 years, i wanna know your name?"" K agreed with my disagreement.

R, the creative one, exclaimed, "oh.. i know!"
K and I didn't have our hopes too high this time - scared to be let down..
he continued "we'll tell him, for security reasons we need a form filled out, and we'll ask him to fill in his name, company name and all"

K thought that was a lot of work. So in short, we still don't know his name!!


Someone in Al Ain said...

hehehehe , thats a funny story , lol

i hope the ups guy will not be dissapointed if he knew that you dont know his name!!, lol

you know what , you can call his company and ask them about his name , lots of work eh!!

or leave as it is THE GREAT UPS GUY..;)

Sketched Soul said...

As-salaamu'alaykum wa Rahmatu Llahi wa Barakatuhu my dearest sister,

hehe.. interesting, I wonder if I look like a 'Farhana'..humm, now I'm going to go around asking people.

I think just ask the 'UPS guy' what his name is. Chances are, he probably doesn't know the names of who work there. And he'll be happy you asked... it shows you care. :)*it reminds me of the story of the class who didn't know the janitors name*..have you read it before??

I look forward to hearing how it goes.

Wa'alaykum as-salaam
Love Farhana

Humairah Irfan said...

Hafsa, I need to know his name by next week please.

Hafsa said...

Amer! heard a lot about you :)
Calling the company's not an option - they have way too many employees, and won't remember who picks up mail when, and where. Thanks for the suggestion tho..

Farahana.. walaykum salam rahmatullahi wa barkatuhu.. yes, i'm sure you look like a "farhana" .lol. Even though, I can't explain why all Farhana's look different :D
No no, the UPS guy knows our names. He uses "Hafsa" @ the beginning and end of every sentence! (makes me more guilty :S)
Nope, never heard that story. You should prolly blog about it, haha

Humairah.. now I kinda regret posting this story..hehe.. I saw him today, and remembered my post. yeah, I'll *try* to ask him tomorrow...

Faraz said...

This happened a lot to us in University, that there were people who we'd see all the time but never knew their names. So among my friends, we developed strategies to get them. Normally, we'd introduce someone else to this nameless person, so that the nameless person would introduce himself in return, as so:

Me: "Oh, hi - let me introduce you to my friend Abdullah!"

Nameless guy: "Oh, hello Abdullah, I'm so and so."

With the UPS guy, he probably has his name on the papers he needs signed. If you can't ask him, you should ask to see the waybill. Otherwise, the "security form" sounds like a good idea.

Hafsa said...

interesting you mention that, faraz. Someone from my team suggested it. We have a new co-op starting soon - in September. So we figured we could "stage" an introduction.

But Septemeber is too far away -they say. Meh, actually, no one really cares in my team. It was a joke, we all laughed at, and it's history now [history for them - I will continue to look for the right moment to ask]