I was looking for a song for Humairah from Winnie the Pooh. I had heard it about 4 years ago. Rather I found this: Though greek and latin to Humairah, FA might enjoy it. So this one's for you, FA*.


Alright Humairah, this one's for you (not what I had initially intended, but works)

And this one for... umm.. for my three remaining readers. Ha ha, I've counted for my only five faithful readers.

My favorite line: What's with men and asking for directions? and
Mebe it's a different dialect.. did that sound a lil' orca-ish?


Faraz Ahmed said...

LOL....that was too funny!! I was just watching the trilogy last week.

By the way, if you have 5 dedicated readers, then I'm pretty sure you beat my readership.

Hafsa said...

You wanna know why I have 5 dedicated readers?

they are all my friends, who are very biased :) so they read my stuff - regardless if it makes sense or not

Humairah Irfan said...

Somewhere in Freeha's room is a poster of Pooh's Heffalump Movie...
There you go Hafsa, for all the Heffalumps you've helped me catch (thank god I didn't keep them all, otherwise I'd have no room for myself! hehe)

These cartoon movies are so amazing! Especially the ones that make animals look sooo friendly and cuddly :)

yea seriously Faraz, sometimes I wonder why I'm on Hafsa's's an automatic pre-programmed action that I have to do w/o thinking.. lol!

Hafsa.. I love that line too: What's with men and asking for directions. It's SO true! My brother and father will go round and round and through in circles before pulling down the window to ask for directions after constant nagging by mummy and me.

Thanks :)

Radiant Light said...


If you live to be 100 I want to live to be 100 plus one so I never have to l ive a day without you.

I used to love winnie the pooh.
And I found nemo on a recent trip to the aquarium :D


BanikaB said...

Hold I included in this readership???

Hafsa said...

humairah, yes yes, I'm aware of your craze for these "creatures" lol. Which makes it easy to pick a gift for you anytime [you still have to see what I sent you through you know who ]
automatic pre-programmed action? I guess it's called friendship :P

Radiant Light, I love that line too.

Anika um, yes. Why? you don't like Finding Nemo?