A whole new world....

truly, a new world awaits.
Along with it, awaits new challenges,
new challenges with new hopes
hope brings dreams along,
they all await @ the airport for the flight

Oh Allah, help this traveller!


Toobaa said...

Is this about Nawaz Sharif? :D
Girl, that ship has saiiiled!

Hafsa said...

Nice try, Tooba :)

No, it's not about Mr. Sharif.

Radiant Light said...


Start of a new world indeed if I'm guessing right what you're talking about :)

Im gonna read all the posts I havn't caught up on then email you (finally I know!!)

Love F

Hafsa said...

Zahra/ Radiant Light, if you are thinking what I'm thinking - yes :)

Wa Salam

Humairah Irfan said...

You know this was the song Renu, Hafida and I had sung in high school to determine which one of us was a better single to lead the school choir for a function..
I've always loved it
(oh.. and Renu's always been the best singer through all the years of school!)