In love...

Just like Radiant Light, I fall in and out of love very often..

My latest love is DesiPundit. Unintentionally Manas of Reflections introduced me to it. DP (not to be confused with DeenPort) has some excellent posts. I read a few today, and I'm quite impressed.

Of all the ones I read - which weren't many, considering what a busy day I had, this is a good one- (for a number of reason):
Bangalore vs. Bombay

Bangalore: Intersections have small podiums for cops fitted with loudspeakers - so cops can be more humane. Over the horns and general din, guess who listens to what is blaring out from the loudspeakers, except the cows is anybodys guess.
Bombay: Small podiums removed for better mobility of the cop. Loudspeaker? What is that? Read more

Here's an intro on DesiPundit: "DesiPundit aims to be the one-stop shop for browsing the best of the Indian blogosphere. DesiPundit is powered by pure adrenaline in a motley crew of bloggers scattered across three continents and six time zones that keep the blog humming 24/7. We link to blog posts that catch our fancy and those that we believe deserve a wider audience and renewed discussion"

Some of you can prolly think of an Islamic/Muslim version of this. Yes, this is where the idea originally came from.