Ramadan Reflections 1

Humairah asked me to share my reflections. Well, my thinking isn't as deep as hers. Mine's just level one, and it stops there. Regardless I'll share my shallow reflections.

While reciting the quran today, I recalled a hadith I read in my favorite hadith book (Provisions for the Seeker - Zad ud talibeen):
القران’ حجّة’ للك او عليك
The Quran will either be evidence for you or against you

In the commentary it continues, "It is related from Abdullah ibn Masud that the Quran will appear on the Day of Judgment and will intercede for the one who read it and will then guide him into Paradise. On the contrary, the Quran will bear witness against the one who neglected it, and it will then drive him into the Hell fire"


Faraz Ahmed said...

Good reminder.

JazakAllahu khair!

Humairah Irfan said...

Me and deep?? What are you talking about!
It can't be that I'm deep, because if I was deep, then you would be deep too. And if you are not deep, then I am not deep...
Sorry, I think it's because the Imam recites Surah Kafiroon in taraweeh :)

Hafsa said...

faraz, wa iyya kum. A reminder first to myself.

humairah, lol!! Should end with, "You deepness to you, and my deepness to me"