Reflections 5

Day 11, Reflection 5. Got no excuse for falling behind. So many thoughts that I haven't been able to sort them out.

Three days ago, during the last few rakah of taraweeh, the imam started a certain surah. And I just didn't want him to stop reciting until he completed the entire story.

The story starts with a dream - a beautiful dream - of a beautiful child, and ends in the fulfillment of it. The story of a righteous young man. His brothers were jealous of him. Planned to get rid of him. And even did - so they thought. He was sold as a slave in the markets of Egypt. Then he fell victim to the attempted seduction by a great man's wife. When her evil plan was foiled, sent him to prison. He said I prefer prison to what they call me to. Subhan Allah, such taqwa.

And then, as per Allah's plan, he was appointment as the king's chief minister. All through, the father was tested by Allah - by the separation of his beloved son. But he was patient. Such strong Faith. At one point he said, I only complain of my grief to Allah!

Allah says "And Allah has full power and control over His Affairs, but most of men know not" 12:21. To some the events seem random, but Allah is reminding that everything happens for a reason. There's a wisdom behind it all. We should thank Allah in every situation. No matter how unfortunate it might seem.

Stories of the Prophets, Allama Ibn Kathir


Humairah Irfan said...

I think we benefited a lot from covering this in Shariah program. Every night on Abu Dhabi radio, I used to listen to this Surah if I was up @ 3am (that's when it would start after Surah baqara was over)I love this surah because it's a story, and hence the ayahs follow each other and you can understand it well :)

Hafsa said...

I know! Shariah, exactly! The Dr Seuss Style Qasas book's amazing.. Remember that line about the well was deep, the forest was dark. lol. Gotto to love that book!

And amazing how that book explains the tafseer of the verses. For instance why Yusuf (as) gives dawah to the prisoners before telling them the interpretation of the dreams. (because a person in need has given him all attention)

And ibn Kathir depicts the story like it's a play.. he refers to curtains lifting and describes the scene. "The night's dark and quiet, the old father's waiting anxiously for the children to arrive". It's beautiful!

Sigh! in loveeee! :)