Reflections 6 - recharging the fading spirits

When Ramadan starts, we are in full spirits. Listening to lectures on Ramadan, reciting Quran, extra nawafil, late night tahajjud, daily taraweeh salah and all sorts of righteous deeds. And our body starts feel to fatigue around the day 10. The recitation of the Quran decreases. The spirit of Ramadan is fading away. Ramadan becomes a norm. Slowly TV's start turing on.

@ this point a recap might help. Below are my notes from a lecture on Sacred Learning.

Encouraged (Masnoon) Acts during Ramadan

1. The Prophet spoke to his companions right before Ramadan starts. He reminded them of the blessing that's about to arrive. [this should remind us the importance of the month]

2. There's a blessing (barakah) in Suhoor. The suhoor of the Prophet saws was dates and water.

3. Rush towards fitr (iftar). Remember this is the time when we should make dua. We are asking Allah for the reward for the day's deeds

4. Feeding the fasting person. Another hadith says, the one who guides another to good, is like him doing that deed.

5. Theme of the Month is QURAN. We should increase our relationship with the Quran. [One recommended book is 'The Way to the Quran' by Khurram Murrad]

6. "Cut off which does not concern you": says the hadith.

7. Charity

8. Taraweeh

9. I'tekaaf

10. Celebration of Eid. The night before Eid is a valuable night for worship. The Sunnah is to wake up early, use the miswaak, and put on the best clothes and to eat a few dates before the Eid Salah.

11. Fasts of Shawwal

Purpose of fasting: taqwa. We hope to receive the reward for our fasts, but we should beg Allah to accept them.


Humairah Irfan said...

At least the cricket match is over.. OR, is it? I don't even know... lol
(ya Indian won.. Ahtisham must be hitting the ceiling!)

Faraz Ahmed said...

Lets not talk about the cricket match :-( Ruined my entire week.

Humairah Irfan said...

My father watched every moment of all the matches in whatever valid time he found through Ramadan. And he'd drive us home like crazy after taraweeh to watch whatever's left of the matches. (I felt quite bad he's the only enthusiast @ home with Rehan being away).
But Rehan said that the Pakistan team did quite well...

I'm sorry Faraz...inshallah there will be more matches :)
Achee umeed rakho :)

Faraz Ahmed said...

In sports, there is the champion and then the rest are all losers. Second place only means you are the best loser.

As you can guess, this is going to take some time getting over :-(

ps. this wouldn't hurt so much if it wasn't India

Hafsa said...

i had to remind myself a number of times that my post had nothing to do with

Humairah my cricket news reporter's Rehan :)

Faraz nothing can ruin sucha blessed month

Humairahrehan missed his family too :(

faraz my mom doesn't believe in calling anyone a loser. She says one won, and other...just didn't win. lol
ps: This is an indian's blog :)

Faraz Ahmed said...

Exactly!! Such a blessed month and the Muslim team still loses!! BAH!

And I think many of the players were fasting too.

Hafsa said...

a blessing in disguise?

(it's so disguised that I don't know how either) lol

Humairah Irfan said...

Gee Hafsa, you shouldn't make it more difficult for Faraz!

But mashallah, excellent tips!

[I keep forgetting to get a miswak..I tried using it before, but still can't get used to it!]

Anonymous said...

I dont know if people would get this one but..
"Misbah ul Haq thought he has sent the ball to no mans land... but he forgot that theres a malabari in every corner of the world.. "

Pakistan played amazing, dont worry Faraz..

Hafsa said...

anon LOL... I get it! Shanthakumaran Sreesanth's mallu!