ESP - MF and HB series

Does anyone even remember this series? I'm sorry for not posting. MF has been providing me with so many jokes, but I've been lazy/busy. I have a feeling HB doesn't mind it at all :)

Here's one:

MF wasn't feeling well and they were eating..
MF looks @ HB and he gets up to get water
and brings back his glass
MF touch the glass and said.. "oh, it's cold"
and he (HB) says, "aap ko bhi chahiye tha"
"Tau aur kya... don't you know, it's ESP?"
"What's ESP baji?"
"ESP... extra sensory perception!"
"Well Baji, how about some SSP.. Shut up and Say (it) Please?"

and then... a few hours later,
MF: "HB, can u please get me water from downstairs?"
"Yes Baji. that's more like PPS... or what was that? SSP!"

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Humairah Irfan said...

Lol!! I laugh everytime I read it...