Revisiting - Red Riding Hood.

(When I was cleaning my room this week, I came across my assignments from high school. This poem below is one of them. In order to protect the integrity, I've left the meanings intact. It was meant to be a free form.
Another interesting note: My brother, Salman, and I wrote it together- back in 2000
With all the recent "Allegorical Absurdity", this comes as a change.
Final note: The post's like many others - is dedicated to the REDNESS of my life. I love you, and you alone ;) )

Credit: Faraz - Wax Museum
DISCLAIMER: Please be warned some pictures are rather gory.

the red riding hood
was playing a play-station game
when her mother forced her
to go visit her grandma

she drove in her Mercedes-Benz
with a laptop for a present
(her mother insisted)

On her way she met
a handsome wolf
greeted him and
there - his mouth watered.

Inquired the intention of her trip
she agreed to give him a ride
Fully aware of his intentions, she was.
having heard the red riding hood story
from her grandma

She hated her grandma
Bossy and irritating - she was.
The Wolf thought the grandma
would be certainly tasty.

With common intentions,
they were together and made a great team.
Thus the grandma made a great feast
for the wolf.

He said Grace and thanked
the modern world
for teenagers were too ignorant for words.


Humairah Irfan said...

Guess what? I'm wearing red right now.. top to bottom!

Much as I'm like Little Red Riding Hood, thankfully I'm NOT the one in your version :P (Although, I may not mind a handsome wolf.. lol)
okies, im off to sleep

Radiant Light said...


Your blog hates me :(

I left you a nice long comment and it wouldnt post it and then it dissapeared.

Is this payback for having forsaken it for so long?

I sincerely apologise dear blog, please forgive me, an let me post comments.

Love and Duas

Faraz said...

When I saw that picture the first time, I thought, "that painting looks familiar!"

I don't know why I thought it was a painting at first. Anyway, that wax museum was very weird.

Hafsa said...

Humairah, handsome wolf had evil intentions, so be careful! :)

Zahra, walaykum salam! you are sucha nice person, no one can hate you! Not sure what the problem was.
You are actually the second person to complain. Another reader, Faraz Ahmed, could never comment when he was in Pakistan!
Yea, if it happens again, send me an email, please, and I'll report it to Blogger, Insha Allah

Now I wonder who Faraz is? Oh, I know - but which one! Uh oh, I'm so confused that I don't even remember my own name!!
This is why FIA should never comment on my blog!

Hahaa, jokes apart. Where was this wax museum?

BanikaB said...

Salaam Hafsa,

I've been a little absent from the blog. I was pleasantly surprised to see taht you have a new addition to your family, MashAllah. That pleasantness ended quickly cause of the wax museum pictures - YIKES!

Faraz (of Irrelevant Opinions) said...

The wax museum was in Victoria, BC. I apologize for the other pictures in that set! Incidentally, I left out some of the most gory ones.

Hafsa said...

Anika!! Walaykum salam. My blog missed you :(
My lil' zarah is jus amazing, Masha Allah.
And regarding the wax museum pictures, I'll add a disclaimer.

FIO/FIA/FIA-IO: You have nothing to apologize to. You did your job as a photographer.

Humairah Irfan said...

Yea, the pictures in that album were rather disturbing, but I saw them twice.. (well, the second time to show my sister).
Were they all depictions from some story, Faraz?

Faraz (IO) said...

No, they weren't from a story, they were actual historical figures for the most part. I don't remember the labels on all of them, but most of the gory ones had some historical significance, and the torture mechanisms shown were all commonly used in the past.

The photographs don't do them justice, actually. It was very dark in that area, and without the flash, you couldn't even see the gory details. This made it even creepier, in my opinion. Some were really freaky, with the dismembered heads and tortured bodies occasionally moving and even blinking.

Thankfully, I visited the museum before lunch.