Best Book

When I did my kitabi tag post, I forgot to include my favorite book. I think I got it the same week of my post, and hence wasn't on my bookshelf. It was sent by "Odd Wisdom" from Al Ain. Now since I had to try out my new camera [Canon PowerShot SD1000], I took some pictures of the book, as a supplement to my bookshelf post. [This is no means a nag for those who still haven't posted their bookshelves - though it works as a reminder too.]

Couple of reasons why it's my favorite book -It has some very inspirational quotes on Success. Not to mention, it was a gift from my best friend. Finally, the size. It's huge. And that's what's unique about it. It's one of the biggest books I have.

ps: I'm still extremely busy - but with my new laptop, I'm able to manage my time, and use the oft-wasted pockets of time (i.e. I can stay up until 3a :$ )


Humairah Irfan said...

I was having some green tea when I read this post @ 2:19pm. Now I can say I cried a cup (of tea) after reading this!

I went back to check if these books were still there, but they weren't! So looks like the last one was for you....

I love you so much Hafsa! (yet you let me drown)

faraz said...

Sounds interesting.

By the way, did you switch the mode to 'micro' when taking the picture? It shouldn't be this blurry.

Hafsa said...

Humairaaah! No, I won't let you drown! I promise :)

Faraz, Thanks, I'll try your tips again..

Humairah Irfan said...

Lol.. guess what Haffi, Freeha's been after me to get the same camera! I guess this might just be it lol

Hafsa said...

camera? umm.. the post's about the book!

but yeah, i love the camera... I'll send you some pictures from here soon.