Cars in Chaos

When I landed in Hyderabad, after living in Toronto for about seven years, the traffic situation actually freaked me out. I was scared to walk on the street (since there are NO footpaths). Crossing the road was dangerous venture. I decided to get my ears checked. The noise level is extremely high, so I'm sure there's damage done to my ears. After about a week, I wondered: Why people in India don't suffer from road rage - like in North America? I mean, in Toronto at least, the moment someone overtakes from the wrong side, or just honks, people get to swearing - gestures, words, in every way they can. Just recently I figured out the answer - that's after 4 months. You know why? That's because no one in India follows the rules, and like good samaritans, they don't expect anyone to do so either. Thus no question of road rage!

I'm no expert, but from my view there's a lot to improve on the traffic condition. Starting from restricting one car per family, encouraging people to walk/cycle (which means we need a footpath), carpool, harsher fines for violating traffic rules, to finally, smoothing the roads. Having said that, the change has to begin from within us. Each of us.

"Honking will not make the traffic disappear" rightly read on a road in Bangalore.

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