my e-friend's msn nick read: "Your life is either an example for others or a warning".

Got me thinking. There are living models around us. I asked myself how often I learn from others. If I see good in someone, do I pray that Allah blesses me with the good attributes? When I notice someone committing an act of sin, do I seek refuge from Allah from such sins, and pray for that person?

Like a close relative of mine, in the months I've spent with her, there's never been a time when she's sent anyone empty handed. Whether it is someone pan-handling on the street, or an old friend who's going through times - she has something for everyone. A penny, a household item she doesn't need anymore, clothing, food - and if she's given everything the person needed, she's also prescribed duas and waza'ef. I pray Allah makes us all generous.

Look around - what would you like to be? An example or a warning.

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